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At Setlist, our core mission is to immortalize live music experiences through meticulously crafted setlists, enabling music lovers to relive their most unforgettable nights. We specialise in creating custom Setlists—written text based documentation of the songs played on specific dates at specific venues, providing a historical account or review of the events without the use of any copyrighted images or materials. While we draw immense pride from accurately capturing the essence of these live performances, it's crucial for our community to understand that Setlist is not officially affiliated with any artists or bands featured on our website.

We recognise that many bands do not have copyrights or trademarks registered in the UK. However, this does not alter our stance. If you're an artist or represent a band that's featured as an example on our website and wish for it to be removed, regardless of copyright status, we promise a swift and hassle-free process to accommodate your request. Conversely, if you represent a band interested in being featured on our website, or in exploring opportunities for official merchandise creation at discounted rates, please contact us at hello@setlist.store. We've successfully partnered with numerous UK bands to create official merchandise, and we'd be thrilled to discuss how we can work together.

Our website showcases pre-made products alongside options for custom orders. These pre-made examples are, in essence, custom orders made available to expedite the ordering process for our customers. Whether opting for a pre-made setlist or placing a custom order, the end product is a bespoke creation, tailored to capture the memory of a specific live music event.

For artists and bands who are comfortable with being featured on Setlist and can provide explicit permission, we are more than willing to express our gratitude in a tangible way. As a thank you, we are happy to discuss making a cash donation to the Music Venue Trust on behalf of your band. This initiative not only supports a cause close to our hearts but also strengthens the live music ecosystem. To facilitate this, please reach out to us at hello@setlist.store, and we will arrange for this contribution to be made as a token of our appreciation.

It's important to us that our use of artist examples is conducted with the utmost respect for copyright laws. Should you have any concerns or require adjustments to how we feature your music, do not hesitate to get in touch at hello@setlist.store. Your input is invaluable as we strive to improve and ensure our service remains respectful, lawful, and in true celebration of live music.

At Setlist, we're more than just a service; we're a community of live music enthusiasts dedicated to keeping the spirit of concerts alive. Through our bespoke setlists, we aim to help music fans everywhere remember and cherish their live music experiences, without detracting from the incredible talent of the artists and bands that make those moments possible.

Thank you for visiting Setlist. Let's continue to celebrate the power of live music together.

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