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About us.

About Setlist: Who Are We?

We’re the same as you, probably! You’ll find us down the front, at the bar, on the train home; all the usual places. We cautiously estimate we’ve got around 2000 gigs under our belts, and we remember about 2% of them. 

Why Setlists?

We’ll tell the truth on this one. The entire concept of Setlist came about at 6am on a particularly ropey Sunday Morning, and we weren’t just waking up! We’ve all been there, there was a few people left in the kitchen, a few on the sofa, the birds were tweeting & conversation was flowing. The world was being put to rights, and this particular room had a framed Setlist on the wall, taken from the stage at a gig (shout out Shotty Horroh) 

Having worked in E-commerce for a combined 60 years, the conversation (as it usually did) came onto setting up a business, and somehow the Setlist on the wall became part of the conversation, nobody really remembers how; but it did.

Then absolutely nothing happened. As usual! It seemed like it was just another drunken plan that was forgotten about. Until I had to get a train to London from Preston a week later for work, and sent a text ‘I’m gonna do this Setlist thing I’m bored’

This was at around 10:30am, and by the time the train had pulled up in London, there was something vaguely resembling a website, a few products and a few screenshots had been sent around. 

I had an incredibly boring meeting in London, got back to the hotel and my phone flashed up. I never ever have notifications on for anything so it was unusual, but when I saw what it was I genuinely lost the plot.

We had an order! Just a few hours in and we had an order for a mug (shout out Reytons) 

Within 10 days of that order I was full time, I hated that job anyway, and within a month there was more of us, and here we are!

Unofficial, Yet Filled with Love

It's important to note that all our products are unofficial and not endorsed by the bands. However, what sets our replicas apart is the genuine love and dedication that goes into each one. We believe in the power of live music to connect people and evoke powerful memories.

 Join Us in Supporting Live Music

If you share our passion for live music and want to relive those concert moments, you've come to the right place. Explore our collection of replica setlists, and feel free to reach out to us using the contact form for requests or support. Together, we can continue to support and celebrate the music that moves us.

Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Contact Us

Have questions, requests, or just want to talk music? Use our contact form, and we'll be thrilled to hear from you. Or email hello@setlist.store

Looking For A Specific Gig?

We try and list as many gigs as possible, but the backlog is never ending, and the gigs never stop coming!

If It's not online, we'll make it for you!

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